Caribou Safari

Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge offers one of the only Alaskan destinations with caribou migrating past the front porch. The private, accommodations in the Brooks Range are in some of the wildest wilderness in the state. Nearby Kobuk National Park and Gates of the Arctic National Park see fewer visitors in a year then most National Parks see in a day.

The main lodge on Iniakuk Lake is home primarily to black bear, grizzly bear and moose. Occasionally we see wolves along the lakeshore and during our dog sledding trips in March and April caribou often forage in the hills surrounding the lake. The Arrigetch Peaks Wilderness Cabin is surrounded by Dall Sheep habitat and the Alatna River out front is a good place for spotting moose.

The best wildlife viewing takes place at the Caribou Cabin in Gates of the Arctic National Park in August as the fall colors return bringing the Western Arctic Caribou Herd through the area. It is common to see a few hundred caribou pass by the cabin during the day and with them wolves, grizzly bear, wolverine and the occasional musk ox. While we cannot guarantee wildlife sightings, we can assure you there will be no tour buses or crowds obstructing your view.

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