Gates of the Arctic Float Trips

THE ARRIGETCH PEAKS WILDERNESS CABIN tour offers our guests the experience of river travel, flight- seeing and our private cabin in Gates of the Arctic National Park. Fly to the Alatna River with your guide and float four hours down to the cabin in inflatable canoes, spend a few nights at the cabin on the edge of the river, then continue downriver another five miles to a short portage and the return flight to Iniakuk Lake Lodge.

The Wild & Scenic Alatna River is calm and peaceful and requires no paddling experience. Our guests relax in inflatable canoes and let the current do the work. The surrounding peaks take 2-3 hours to summit but offer stunning views once above tree line within 20-30 minutes.

THE OUTLET OF INIAKUK LAKE is the starting point for an additional float trip adventure that begins at Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge. This leisurely four to six-hour float trip carries you along three different rivers as it winds through grizzly bear country on the southern edge of the Brooks Range. We’ll stop and have lunch on a gravel bar mid-way through the float and you will experience one of the best ways to see both the animals and landscape of the Far North.

At the end of your trip, a privately-chartered floatplane lands on the river and flies you back to Iniakuk Lodge in time for dinner. This float is the perfect compliment to a three-night stay at Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge, requires minimum experience and is appropriate for all fitness levels.

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