Iniakuk Lake Canoeing

The early morning mist on Iniakuk Lake looks best from the seat of a canoe. Explore a few coves and inlets before breakfast or head out later in the day and enjoy a shoreline lunch. We have both aluminum and fiberglass canoes available any time for your paddling pleasure and are happy to provide lessons as well.

Clients staying in the two bedroom Guest Suite on Iniakuk Lake are about 3 paddle strokes from the main lodge and must commute across the inlet to breakfast or call over for a ferry ride.

The Gates of the Arctic Caribou Cabin is another excellent destination for canoeing enthusiasts. It is located at the end of a 2 mile long lake, on the Arctic tundra at the headwaters of the Alatna River. Paddling this far north means you will often see caribou roaming the tundra along the lake shore

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