Iniakuk Lake Fishing

Iniakuk Lake and the surrounding waterways are frozen over most of the year here in the Far North. When summer comes to the Brooks Range the Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling are nearly always on the bite.

Trolling for Lake Trout is good throughout the summer, but best in late June, shortly after the ice has left the lake or mid-August as they begin to spawn. As the lake cools off in August the Lake Trout often come in to the shallow waters in front of the lodge and allow for some fantastic fly fishing right out the front door just before bedtime.

Northern Pike, the alligator of the north, like the relatively warm water in late June and all of July. Their aggressiveness is legendary and the clear waters of Iniakuk Lake allow us to watch the whole show from flat bottom fishing boats or from shore as they attack a shiny lure or deer hair mouse. They are typically 6-8 pounds, but some monsters weigh in the neighborhood of 20 pounds and are over 3 feet long.

Arctic Grayling are found in small schools in the outlet and inlet streams of Iniakuk Lake just about any time of the summer. They are best caught on fly fishing gear with mosquito patterns and are generally 14-16 inches long with a beautiful Marlin-like dorsal fin.

The peace and quiet you will experience on Iniakuk Lake makes every fishing trip a success. All licenses are included as well as spin casting gear and tackle. We do not supply fly fishing gear but do carry a wide variety of local fly patterns.

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