Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge is the luxurious base of operations for a wide range of activities throughout Alaska’s Brooks Range, Gates of the Arctic National Park and Kobuk National Park.

Your all-inclusive trip north begins in Fairbanks where a one-hour flight takes you to the Bush community of Bettles. In Bettles you will transfer to a floatplane for the 20-minute flight to Iniakuk Lake, a total journey of 225 miles.
The main lodge rests at the northern end of 5-mile long Iniakuk Lake and offers 24-hour solar power, running water, fine dining and excellent fresh-water fishing just a few miles outside Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve. We are a fly-in only resort and while we offer short hiking and rafting trips the rugged country demands single engine airplane flights to all our locations.

Many of our clients are content to stay at the main lodge on Iniakuk Lake and enjoy the wilderness in comfort. In order to truly experience the Brooks Range of Alaska we suggest adding to your trip from our “Adventures” menu. By clicking “Adventures” you can add a day of flight-seeing to your itinerary while staying at the main lodge. The “Lodging” menu displays our additional cabins inside Gates of the Arctic National Park. The Arrigetch Peaks Wilderness Cabin is an additional 20-minute flight away and the Caribou Cabin is an additional 50-minute flight from Iniakuk Lake Lodge at the headwaters of the Wild and Scenic Alatna River on the Continental Divide.

Each tour includes a private floatplane and pilot to take you and your guide on a day trip into the surrounding countryside. Float a river, flight see or spend the day fishing, then return to Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge or the Gates of the Arctic Wilderness Cabins in time for dinner.

Check our Adventures page to see all the options for your stay.