Immerse yourself in Alaskan experiences by combining a stay at Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge with a visit to one of our privately owned wilderness cabins in the Gates of the Arctic National Park. A 50-minute flight brings you 100 miles north of Iniakuk Lodge to Nature’s Crossroads- the Continental Divide. See the Western Arctic Caribou Herd migrating through the blazing fall colors in August and watch the Northern Lights dance overhead from the warmth of your bed. This vacation destination is for adventurous, independent travelers who want to experience Alaska’s wilderness knowing a warm cabin and a hot meal are at the end of each day’s hiking.

The Caribou Cabin is a three-room ranch house built out of imported cedar logs with a panoramic view of the Alatna Valley. It accommodates two per room with a separate cookhouse, bathhouse and privy out back. A wood stove and thermostat-controlled heating system warms cool August nights. This is the only destination of its kind in Alaska combining the incredible vastness of open tundra, migrating caribou, wolves, grizzly bear, moose, musk ox and the comfort of a crackling wood stove and delicious meals. Situated far above timberline, even firewood must make a 100-mile journey.

A day’s hiking starts with a big breakfast, hot coffee and fresh, homemade bread. No freeze-dried food at this table. Dinners and desserts are selected by Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge and customized to accompany each trip. We provide for every fitness level and adjust all services to individual needs. While it is possible to make a day’s hike of 8-10 miles, the openness of the tundra region allows for incredible wildlife viewing right off the front porch.

The Gates of the Arctic Caribou Cabin is also available as a fly-out day trip from Iniakuk Lake Lodge. See our Adventures menu for details.